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Default Can anyone suggest a pixillating program?

I had one before but looking for the small program that will allow me to add a pixillating to a photo.
If you know of the program please let me know. This is wear I can pixillate a face or licence plae ect, sometimes I want to block out a face, license palate or something in a picture and want to clock (pixillate it out.)
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This may not be much help but what I usually end up doing is applying a selective edit in Capture NX2 and use gaussian blur. I think you can do the same in some other programs. Also, look into what gimp has for plug-ins and scripts.
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I would probably focus less on keeping it warm all the time and more on making sure you enter and exit the cold properly. Normally, I just run from a heat house to a car that gets heated at some point to another location that is heated. Really short exposures to cold like that with the camera in its bag are ok. It is the longer exposures where the camera actually cools that you need to worry about and doubly so with digital.
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